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Air Diffusers

Air DiffusersAir DiffusersAir Diffusers

The air diffusers handle your pond and pond air pump with large tubing connections The membrane designs are easier to clean than traditional airstones. The diffusers stay down easily by filling supplied nylon bags with gravel

Model#: 14575 Air Diffuser includes

  • Includes 20' of 5/8" tubing
  • Includes nylon bag to weigh down the diffuser
  • Micro-pore material adapts to a variety of pump capacities

Model#: 14570 Air Diffuser includes

  • Includes nylon bag to weigh down the diffuser

Model#: 14580 - PondMaster 7-in. Round Large ring air diffuser.

The diffuser includes 1/2-inch male threaded connection.

Item #: 14570
Small 6-In Straight Air Diffuser
Suggested Price $ 15.99

Our Price: $ 13.49
Item #: 14580
7-in Round Air Diffuser
Suggested Price $ 34.99

Our Price: $ 28.99
Item #: 14575
Small Air Diffuser Kit w/20ft 5/8-in Tubing
Suggested Price $ 36.99

Our Price: $ 29.99

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