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Pondmaster PMK 1700 Filter Kit

Pondmaster PMK 1700 Filter Kit

The Pondmaster 1700 Garden Pond Filter System creates an exotic atmosphere while providing ease of use and reliablity for ponds up to 1250 gallons. This system comes complete with the Pondmaster 1000 Filter, particle and carbon fitler pads, a fish safe Model 7 Mag-Drive Pump with a 700 gph flow rate and 18 foot power cord, and two 3/4" hose fittings and hose to connect the units.

Two free fountain heads, which can be directly connected to the pump, are also included with the kit and add an exciting water display to your pond. The fountain has a choice of four patterns: bell, lotus, high fleur di lis, and low fleur de lis. It is also ideal for waterfalls. The filter has a modular design, allowing the units to be connected together for larger ponds with more biological load because of higher fish population or abundant plant growth.

The heavy-duty handle and quick disconnect coupling makes removal from the pond easy. The coupling also has garden hose threads for adaptability. The filter is designed to connect to the intake of the submerged Mag-Drive Pump by use of the supplied flexible vinyl hose. The water is drawn into the filter and then passes through the enclosed coarse pre-filter and finer carbon filter pad. These pads offer particle filtering and chemical fileration of certain harmful compounds and unwanted colors. The filter media can be easily rinsed or changed.

Filter: 12"w x 12"l x 3 1/2"h
Pump: 4"w x 4"d x 4"h
Hose: 12" long
Fountain Hose (2): 8 1/2" long
Bell Fountain Head: 2 1/4" diameter x 5 1/2" long
Adjustable Fountain Head: 1 3/4" diameter x 1 1/2" long

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Pondmaster PMK 1700 Submersible Filter and Pump Kit
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